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The data in this thread, taken from an automatically updated RSS feeds, the program ASMLOCATOR (the torrent client). The program of our development.
Thus, the accuracy of the information quoted in this thread, responsible company Yandex. I hope that the data they provide highest degree of accuracy.

Download the torrent client to his PC --> [only for Windows systems] Scientists have learned about the benefits of sugar contained in the honey
Date: 11 Jun 2017 19:19:24
According to experts, honey contains natural sugar called trehalose, which activates the protein. This process helps the immune cells to remove from the arteries, sticky platelets. Their number decreases approximately 30%.
Only one?! A slice of bacon increases the risk of cancer by 20%
The third slice of bacon a day increases the risk of colon cancer by 20%. This conclusion, according to the Daily Mail, came a group of scientists led by experts from the University of Oxford.
For six years, researchers have observed 500,000 people who consumed different amounts of red and processed meat. Some ate no more than 70 grams per day, as recommended by the National Health Service of England, others more.
It turned out that those who consumed more than 70 grams of meat daily had a 20% higher risk of colon cancer.
In particular, those who ate 76 grams of red and processed meat per day, on average, have a higher risk of developing cancer than those who ate 21 grams or less.
For those who ate 54 grams of red meat, the risk is 15% higher than those who ate eight grams, and for those who ate 29 grams of processed meat (about the average amount of bacon slice), it is 19% higher, than those who ate an average of five grams.
During the study of colon cancer, more than 2.6 thousand of its participants fell ill. Employees of the London Cancer Center "Macmillan" called seven major symptoms indicating the presence of cancer.
Date: January 12, 2019 15:20:28
1. Sudden changes in bowel and bladder function.
2. "unexplained" bleeding.
3. A lump in the chest or other place.
4. Problems with swallowing.
5. Changing the shape or color of the mole.
6. Cough with hoarseness.
7. Wounds that do not heal for a long time.
[Color = red] Doctors reminded of the need for timely examination of the body after the discovery of one of the symptoms. [/ Color]
[color = red] Cancer is treated only in the early stages, after detection. [/ color] For the same reason, it is completely unacceptable! appeal to the "folk healers" and in general, in any private "hospital", unlike the public clinics!
Our MINISTRY OF HEALTH, which already goes beyond the framework of sanity, criminally DOESN'T TERMINATE, at the legislative level, the work of all kinds of MED-scammers.
- The FDA approved the world's first migraine prophylactic agents
Date: May 21, 2018 1:25:28
The drug is the first in the history of the tool, which is aimed at the treatment of migraine.
The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has tested a migraine medication.
Salvation for millions of people will soon be on the shelves. As it became known, in the United States tested the first funds for migraine. The drugs have been approved by the FDA; commercial distribution will begin shortly. The drug is the first in the history of the tool, which is aimed at the treatment of migraine. In addition, with its help you can get rid of the disease.
A new drug called Aimovig. The exact cost of the drug is not yet known. However, it is reported that migraine sufferers will have to pay a tidy sum for the drug.
Scientists still could not determine the cause of migraines. This question has remained open for many years. Researched made a real breakthrough in medicine. A new class of drug blocks the activity of thyrocalcitonin hormone. It is he who provokes terrible headaches during a migraine. ... Scientists have proven the link between lack of sleep and Alzheimer's disease
Date: April 10, 2018 17:00:09
Scientists from the US National Institutes of Health have shown that even one night without sleep increases the number of beta-amyloids, which leads to the development of Alzheimer's disease. Scientists: A person can transmit the flu through breathing
Date: January 23, 2018 10:58:41
According to scientists, even if infected people do not cough, they spread the infection in the form of aerosols - droplets that remain in the air for a long time.
Doctors and biologists from the University of Maryland (USA) have shown that the flu virus is spread by airborne droplets, even when the patient is just breathing, not coughing or sneezing. Scientists say salt abuse inevitably leads to dementia
Date: January 16, 2018 12:52:03
American scientists have found that salty foods stimulate the reproduction of immune cells that block the production of nitric oxide. Scientists have warned about the dangers of sausage and sausages.
15: 3204.01.2018
(update: 19:12 04/01/2018)
MOSCOW, Jan 4 - RIA News. Scientists have established how consuming processed meat affects the risk of malignant tumors. The relevant data published in the journal European Journal of Cancer.
Experts from the University of Glasgow conducted a study, which was attended by 260 thousand middle-aged women. It turned out that even nine grams of meat products per day increase the likelihood of developing breast cancer by 15 percent. This amount is equivalent to three slices of bacon or two sausages a week.
It is noted that the danger is precisely the treated product.
Earlier, World Health Organization experts found that eating 50 grams of processed meat per day increases the likelihood of colorectal tumors by 18 percent.
Vadim Monakhov
So there is no meat! Only fat, grated pigskin, veins, cartilage and bone, soy. And in sausages still starch. Scientists: A drug for diabetes can help with Alzheimer's disease
Date: January 2, 2018 11:46:02
Biologists from Britain were able to establish that one of the drugs that affect the three genetic growth sections proved to be very effective in combating Alzheimer's disease, as stated in a published article Brain Research. Scientists still told how to brew the most invigorating coffee
Date: December 29, 2017 9:35:35
Brewing coffee in a cold way leads to an increased level of caffeine concentration in the drink. This conclusion was made by chemists from the University of Thomas Jefferson in the United States, their work is published by Scientific Reports.
Scientists studied four types of coffee, comparing the drinks obtained using traditional brewing with boiling water and cold (preparation takes from 10 hours to a day at room temperature water). The study used grains of medium and dark roast, coarse and medium ground.
Comparing the chemical composition of the resulting drinks, the scientists concluded that during cold brewing, for example, dark roast coffee and coarse grinding, 1000 milligrams of caffeine per liter of beverage is released. And when preparing coffee with boiling water, the concentration of this substance does not exceed 800 milligrams.
In addition, chemists have found that the concentration of caffeine reaches these indicators already after 6-7 hours of cold brewing. Earlier, American scientists found that each cup of coffee drunk a week reduces the risk of heart attack by seven percent, and stroke by eight percent compared to those who do not drink this drink. Scientists told about the mortal danger of hormonal contraceptives
Date: December 8, 2017 21:24:14
As the authors of a publication in The New England Journal of Medicine told, the longer a woman takes hormonal drugs to prevent pregnancy, the higher the likelihood of developing a malignant tumor, and the risk remains high even after the woman quits taking contraceptives.
Scientists: hormonal contraceptives increase breast cancer risk by 38%
Scientists have proven the connection of any hormonal contraceptives with breast cancer
Date: December 8, 2017 17:52:07
1.8 million Danish students took part in the research. Scientists: Slowing down the assembly of proteins in cells will prolong human life
Date: December 1, 2017 20:13:15
Rapamycin, which inhibits the activity of the mTOR protein, significantly increases the likelihood of developing diabetes and cancer, but RNA polymerase III is lower than the mTOR protein.
Experiments show that many such substances, despite their beneficial effects, have a number of serious side effects. For example, experiments on mice showed that the antibiotic rapamycin, which suppresses the activity of another protein, the "conductor" mTOR, markedly increases the likelihood of developing cancer and diabetes. Blocking the operation of RNA polymerase, as the scientist explained, may have fewer side effects, since this enzyme is lower than mTOR in the chain of proteins that control the work of the protein factories of the cell. Accordingly, a decrease in the activity of this enzyme may be noticeably more promising from a medical point of view than existing anti-aging drugs. Doctors have created a drug that reduces the frequency of migraine attacks in half
Date: December 1, 2017 20:30:00
In 40 percent of patients receiving Fremanezumab, the frequency of migraine attacks decreased by half or even more. Sensitivity to air pollution associated with blood group
Date: November 15, 2017 17:43:41
American researchers have concluded that the likelihood of developing cardiovascular diseases due to air pollution may be higher in people with II, III and IV blood groups.
Scientists: not all people are equally affected by polluted air
Date: November 15, 2017 23:18:00
American scientists have found that people with the first group of blood have a lower risk of developing diseases of the cardiovascular and respiratory systems in a highly polluted atmosphere. Adding melanin to vaccine cured mice for melanoma
Date: November 11, 2017 0:59:18
A new experimental melanin skin pigment vaccine has strengthened the body’s immune response to tumors and increased survival of experimental mice with melanoma and breast cancer. Cancer starved to death
Date: November 8, 2017 18:21:28
Scientists at the University of Colorado in the United States have found a way to cause a cancerous tumor to consume less glucose, which is a source of energy for reproduction Alzheimer's is transmitted through blood, said scientists
Date: November 1, 2017 17:33:00
Biologists have proved that the causative agents of Alzheimer's disease float freely in the blood and can enter the brain of another organism through blood transfusion.
Today it is believed that Alzheimer's disease is formed due to aggregation (clumps) in the brain of the protein beta-amyloid which causes the death of neurons and cerebral functions. Scientists have found a link between hair coloring and breast cancer
Date: 16 Oct 2017 19:15:43
Physician to the London hospital Professor Kevan Mokbel has studied many case histories of his patients with breast cancer and found that the risk of malignant breast tumors in women with colored hair 14% higher than the rest. In lipsticks, the famous French brands are found substances that cause cancer, and inflammation of the liver. Federation of consumer rights protection of France commissioned a study 21 sample hygienic lipstick. Ten of them, experts identified the content of mineral oils.
The constituent saturated carbohydrates cause lymphadenitis and hepatomegaly. according to the expert of Gally Landry, the passage of total control is mandatory only for drugs, so they may not of hazardous substances. A lip balm is not medications, and therefore are not subject to such stringent control. Manufacturers use it. Scientists: Cell phones lead to cancer of the salivary glands
Date: September 29, 2017 7:21:39
Early has been proven about the possible development of glioma and acoustic neuroma in frequent conversations devices. Scientists: soap will help to forget about the cold and the wrinkles
Date: 24 September, 2017 19:26:17
At the present time, when the stores a full range of household chemicals to the limit, to the usual washing soap turn their attention only to a few.
Moreover, 72% soap in a bar that has a very pleasant aroma, can replace the expensive wrinkle cream and at least a cheap nose drops for colds.
In addition, according to some researchers, shampooing with the help of soap will give the chance to promptly get rid of dandruff and relieve irritation after hair removal. Also using this soap can disinfect wounds or rid of mold, and rubbed in the skin a soapy solution will help to eliminate the swelling and bruising on the body. Caught Up With Russia. European scientists have separated the homeopathy medicine
Date: 22 Sep 2017 16:48:09
Scientists said that homeopathy cannot be used for the treatment of serious and chronic illnesses, writes "gazety".The Europeans have proved that homeopathy can cause direct harm to patients, thereby breaking the argument about the safety of homeopathy. Scientists told about the dangers of sleep during takeoff and landing
Date: 20 Sep 2017 19:11:33
Scientists from Harvard medical school noted that the person sleeping during takeoff or landing, you cannot perform actions which will equalize the pressure inside and outside the ear. Scientists: Sex toys can cause cancer
Date: 12 September, 2017 16:30:17
Adult toys may cause irreparable injury to induce the development of cancer or lead to infertility due to content of toxic substances, in particular phthalates. To such conclusion experts of the Netherlands, organized an examination of sex gadgets, based on the report of Greenpeace.
Experts, checking eight vibrators, found that seven of them contain a plasticizer or a phthalate, a chemical used in the manufacture of plastic products. Toxic chemical carcinogen negatively affects health and can cause hormonal changes and lead to infertility and cause serious disease of the liver and kidneys, and even cancer.
Previously, scientists have found that baby toys more dangerous than a sex toy. rsyncrypto the main cause of the deadly hazards of Smoking
Date: September 12, 2017 7:03:38
The study not only allows us to estimate the period of time during which the probability of occurrence of the first cancer cells, the researchers note, but also leads to the conclusion that the timely Smoking cessation can significantly reduce the risk of developing the disease. resmedica: Smartphones cause Teens squint
Date: September 9, 2017 1:02:39
The attention of the medical profession attracted those teenagers who had no signs of strabismus to acute onset of the disease.
Assumption: rather, the danger lies in small screen sizes. As you can see, the wearing comfort has has much more the worst property of the gadget. rzucanie: Wedding ring provoke men sexual dysfunction
Date: September 9, 2017 6:00:26
Researchers from USA said that wedding rings can damage the male psyche.
Sex once a week slows the aging women – scientists Date: 3 September 2017 10:23:58
The scientific staff of the American University of California, San Francisco argue that sex with a frequency of at least once per week can slow the aging process of the human body. This especially applies to women, TV channel RenTV. Excess of vitamins is dangerous to the health
Date: 3 Sep 2017 15:44:28
Pregnant women, experts advise to consume folic acid. While overdose increases the risk of developing bowel cancer. Experts said that excess intake of selenium provokes the occurrence of prostate cancer in men and the development of diabetes of the second type. Date: 3 September 2017 20:34:03
A healthy immune system almost 70% dependent on the state of the intestinal microflora - intestinal cells to make more active to keep in good health. This statement was made by scientists from the University of California, says Science: they believe that it is necessary to eat fibrous food.
"Fibrous foods are the most preferred bacteria of the intestine. When it is formed cleavage of short-chain fatty acids, which can stimulate the receptors of immune cells, it activates the antimicrobial immune response", is given in Science to the scientists.
The best sources of dietary fiber are plant foods – berries, vegetables and fruits and nuts. Scientists: Fat contributes to the development of 16 types of cancer
Date: 1 September 2017 23:04:16
The authors of the study remind us that in the world every year more and more people suffer from excess weight, which, in turn, is one of the main factors in the development of cancer. Scientists have found a revolutionary cancer drug and heart attack
Date: 28 Aug 2017 18:10:53
Scientists were able to find a revolutionary drug, which does not allow to develop cancer cells and reduce the risk of heart attack. As it turned out, it is based on canakinumab. A group of scientists conducted extensive studies and found new opportunities canakinumab. Four cups of coffee a day may prolong life
Date: August 29, 2017 2:40:00
During testing, people regularly taking a certain dose of delicious espresso. As a result of prolonged research has failed to establish that 4 cups of coffee can reduce the risk of mortality by 64%, 3 servings per day – 30%, and 2 cups of reduce the likelihood of early death by 22%. 45% of Russians can developing diabetes in the next 10 years
Date: 29 Aug 2017 13:17:00
According to who, in Russia in 2015 year, it was 4.5 million patients with the diagnosis "diabetes of the second type", and each year the number increases by 3-5% over the past 10 years the number of patients has increased by 2.2 million people. Tap water may protect against dementia
Date: 25 Aug 2017 16:39:00
Analysis of samples of potable tap water from all regions of Denmark have shown that lithium salts are dissolved in water, can reduce the risk of dementia in old age, writes "gazety".The studies involved 73 patients with dementia and 733 thousand healthy people.
Thus, a lot of moments suggests that the more carefully was purified water, so it is "deader". The question arises as to the need for further cleaning of the waters which meet the requirements of GOST. Scientists: overdose of vitamin b can lead to cancer of the lung
Date: 23 Aug 2017 15:32:37
Scientists from the U.S. and Taiwan have come to the conclusion that an overdose of vitamin b can lead to cancer (B6 - increases the risk 3 times, B12 - 4 times). This is stated in an article published on the EurekAlert website. The use of large doses of vitamins B6 and B12 is one of the risk factors for lung cancer in men. In China, the computer diagnose disease 100 patients per 5 seconds
Date: 21 Aug 2017 13:13:03
In medical institution of China set the computer to diagnose the disease in 100 patients at a little less than 5 seconds. The accuracy of the diagnoses of artificial intelligence is 98%, which is 20% higher in the traditional approach. Study: sedentary lifestyle increases the risk of death
Date: 21 Aug 2017 16:52:51
A sedentary lifestyle increases the risk of death, especially for people middle-aged and elderly, found canadian researchers. The results of the study were published in the journal Canadian Medical Association Journal. The researchers collected data about the way of life 3141 people older than 50 years. Scientists have explained why the observation of the Sun through a telescope is dangerous to health.
So, astronomer mark Thompson made a video that shows what happens when observing the Sun through a telescope. For their experiment, the researchers used pig eyes.
It turned out that already after a few seconds of observing the Sun the eyeball begins to burn and smoke. Then mark Thompson. cut the pig's eyes and saw that the retina was also damaged.
The astronomer noted that in a similar situation will be and the human eye. Scientists: Walnuts help reduce appetite and fight obesity
Date: August 19, 2017 5:40:00
American scientists conducted a study and told about the ability of walnuts to regulate appetite and also help in the fight against obesity. By eating this kind of food, the brain receives signals about saturation.
Scientists: a Molecule of sugar will help to identify cancer at an early stage
Date: 15 Aug 2017 19:05:31
Sugar molecules react with galactinol-1. As a result, fails to detect a malignant tumor. Currently, scientists create fast test, which you will find galactin-1.
Scientists: Consumption of energy leads to cocaine addiction
Date: 14 August 2017 13:42:09
According to the study scientists, people aged 21-25 years who drank a large amount of energy drinks with caffeine and sugar, much more was in of cocaine addiction. In addition, in the future, they were more likely to become alcoholics. Scientists: Mushrooms, rice, broth and fish can be hazardous to health
Date: August 13, 2017 8:42:47
It is not recommended to get involved with rice dishes because of the possible development of diseases of the heart, kidneys, brain and the occurrence of diabetes. According to scientists, meat broth, fish, boiled rice, fried, preserved or cooked mushrooms, can be hazardous to human health.
Fish. Many species of fish can contain small amounts of mercury, which may be toxic effects on the nervous system, said The record on mercury contents are halibut, Spanish mackerel, and fresh tuna. The most dangerous this metal is for pregnant women because it can harm the fetus.
The broth. Studies have shown that animals tend to accumulate in their bone lead, which is in the process of cooking goes into the broth, writes the news portal
Rice. This grain is very effective in absorbing metals, including arsenic, which is found in soil and water and which contributes to the development of diseases of the heart, kidneys, brain and increases the risk of diabetes, according to
Mushrooms. In this much beloved food is often found cadmium, high levels of which have been associated with an increased risk of uterine cancer in women because it mimics the hormone estrogen and its effects on the body, which leads to tissue growth of the endometrium, reports Scientists: Smoking electronic cigarettes accelerates the aging heart
Date: 13 August, 2017 21:37:47
A group of American cardiologists experimentally proved the harm to human body electronic cigarettes. Scientists warn that fashionable habit inevitably leads to premature aging of the heart. Scientists have named the TOP 5 products of the breakers teeth
According to scientists, "five" dangerous products for teeth opens tea. Tea contains fluoride, which could be the reason for various diseases of the tooth enamel. Fourth, they gave sweets and toffees. Due to the sugar content they can damage previously supplied seal.
"Three" the most dangerous products opens the wine. Scientists have proven that wine spoils the color of tooth enamel. Second place get sodas. They cause tooth decay and destruction of the dentin of the teeth. The leader among all of the above have become seeds and dried fruits. According to dentists, small pieces of these foods can get stuck between teeth and if they long do not get it, will start to appear bacteria. They will start to secrete an acid that begins to eat away at the teeth.
Scientists recommend to reduce the use of these products to the minimum in order to the risk of diseases of the teeth and the oral cavity was smaller. Red onion called real killer cancer
Date: 9 Jun 2017 23:17:28
Canadian experts after research found that red onion can be very effective against cancer. According to them, this vegetable is a killer of cancer cells. It became known as the video games affect the sexual life of men
Date: 19 June, 2017 18:33:00
Scientists from the University Sapienza in Rome have figured out how video games affect the sexual life of men. The study involved about 400 people aged 18 to 50 years. It appeared that at those who spends on the computer or TV for more than an hour a day, reduced libido. Air fresheners and deodorants are extremely dangerous for the health!
Recent scientific studies have shown that the composition of deodorants and air fresheners are very dangerous. This is mainly aggregators of mutations in DNA and the structures of the amino acids. That is, are full mutagen.
Indoors carcinogens, easily enter the body through the lungs and even our skin. In case of hypersensitivity of the body headache and allergic reaction such as runny nose and sneezing will be provided. In addition, the composition of the air fresheners you can find sodium benzoate - E211, sodium nitrite - E250. These toxic additives can even cause DNA mutation and trigger the development of neurodegenerative diseases, in particular disease Parkinson's*.
*Parkinson's disease is a slowly progressive, chronic neurological disease, characteristic for persons of the senior age group. Refers to degenerative diseases of the motor system. Caused by progressive destruction and death of nerve cells (neurons) that produce the neurotransmitter dopamine. This disturbed regulation of movements and muscle tone, manifested by a characteristic tremor, General stiffness and impaired movement. For the first time this disease was described by English physician James Parkinson in 1817 in his "Essay on the shaking palsy".
Let's not forget about the liver. Every day, the body penetrate hundreds of harmful viruses, and its task is to neutralize them. Splashing about and no reason can we add liver. In the end, she simply does not have time to cope with everything, other harmful substances can easily penetrate, weakening our immune system. There are serious scientific studies that have shown an Association between the use of air fresheners and cancer. Their vapours may cause leukemia and even be deposited in the bones and adipose tissue Scientists told about the dangers of antibacterial soap for pregnant
Date: 11 Aug 2017 19:20:51
The scientists concluded that antibacterial soap is able to pose a threat to pregnant women. The results of the experts says PLoS ONE. Scientists say that in most detergents, among which was that antibacterial soap contains triclocarban. American scientists after a series of complex experiments were announced, the main danger that lurks in foods filled with preservative (E321, perfluorooctanoic acid, etc.). The researchers added that the frequent use of such types of products may have a negative impact on the human body.
Specialists of the Institute of regenerative medicine in the US have learned that foods with preservatives trigger obesity as negatively affect the hormonal background of a person. Scientists: Vitamin B3 reduces the risk of defects in the embryo
Date: 10 Aug 2017 18:51:27
Scientists say that pregnant women should eat meat, vegetable and yeast paste, which contains a lot of vitamin B3. Experts believe that due to the Niacin would reduce the number of abortions and reduce the number of cases of children born with defects in development. Scientists: Computer game could be dangerous for the brain
Date: 8 Aug 2017 20:09:12
According to the results of the experiment revealed that gamers had a faster reaction and better episodic memory. Gamers have increased activity in the part of the brain to control the response and short-term memory. Swedish scientists spoke about the impact of tea on the female body
Date: August 6, 2017 17:08:16
Specialists conducted a study and found out what the reaction causes the tea in the female body. According to them, regular consumption of this drink reduces the fairer sex the level of estrogen and the risk of cancer and also causes changes on an epigenetic level. Kitchen sponges called hotbed of incurable diseases
Date: August 2, 2017 0:23:00
Having studied the microbial composition of several dozen sponges via pyrosequencing of DNA and fluorescent hybridization in combination with 3D-microscopy, German researchers found they not only Acinetobacter, but Chryseobacterium hominis and Moraxella osloensis, which can be causative agents of infections in humans. Scientists: Periodontal disease increases the risk of cancer
Date: August 1, 2017 18:15:47
American scientists during the research project found that periodontal disease contributes to the risk of cancer. At particular risk are women in postmenopause, even if they don't smoke.
Recent studies by scientists from the USA showed that periodontal tissues can serve as a ground for the emergence and development of cancers of the esophagus, mouth or breast. Until now experts did not know as periodontal disease and periodontitis are associated with different types of cancer. Mortal danger!
Nitrates in watermelons can cause cancer
Date: 25 July, 2017 20:35:00
Scientists have conducted several studies and found that eating watermelons can be deadly. The reason for the nitrates, which adds to the poor quality of farmland in the berry. Scientists: level IQ drops after a few hours behind the wheel
Date: 25 July, 2017 15:02:35
The researchers came to the conclusion that prolonged driving can lower the level of intelligence, writes "Interlocutor". It is noted that scholars for the past five years have seen the lifestyle of half a million Britons aged 37 to 73 years. Nutritionists have called the best time of day for consumption of high-calorie food
Date: 23 July 2017 20:33:21
The experts came to the conclusion that it is better to make the menu so that on the morning had the most calorie-dense food. The rest of the percentage daily intake should be consumed up to 18 hours, after which is not recommended at all. Dietitians analyzed the diet of 50 thousand people. Scientists told about the danger of eating ice cream in the heat
Date: 23 July, 2017 22:51:42
Scientists from the University of Cologne has warned of the dangerous consequences to the human body after consuming ice cream in the heat. According to them, cold dessert may not only cause "brain freeze", and Oncology. Exercises help to lose weight only to men – Scientists
Date: 25 July, 2017 10:29:29
Scientists working at the University of Colorado (USA), was engaged in clarification of the influence of physical training on the reduction of excess weight which have men and women. Was directly physical activity are related to the process of weight loss only in men. The researchers assessed the health risk for the driver during rush hour
Date: 25 July, 2017 22:28:33
American researchers from the Georgia Institute of Technology, Duke University and Emory University assessed the level of danger posed by the driver during the hours of maximum load, breathing the air in the car. Their work told Phys.Org. Scientists call the key ingredient most effective diet
Date: July 30, 2017, 9:05:29
Scientists say that the use of eggs on cholesterol levels have a stronger impact oil where eggs are prepared, and such supplements to the fried bacon. Earlier "Gazeti" reported the conclusions of scientists, nutritionists from the United States, claiming that reduced calorie diet by itself will not lead to weight loss.
A study conducted by McMaster University showed that overweight participants lost weight faster when sat on a diet with a high protein content.British nutritionists told what the product can have even losing weight people. As revealed in the result of scientific studies, eggs do not raise cholesterol, as was previously assumed, which means that they can be eaten even on a diet.
Thus, the British nutritionists was able to refute the common perception of eggs as a high-calorie product, which can be harmful to human health because of high cholesterol. Scientists have found which spice can save you from brain cancer
Date: 30 July 2017 23:07:22
Researchers from the University of Central Florida (USA) came to the conclusion that many favorite spice turmeric can be used to combat cancer of the brain, namely the neuroblastoma (malignant tumor of the sympathetic nervous system, resistant to available drugs). -
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